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The development of the Accumulated Failure workout

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I asked myself a question one day, "How much weight could I lift if I could lift weight without killing myself" and do this in a progressive manner without destroying my CNS all while working a job and trying to run two brands.

So here's what I did:

I looked at one of my typical routines a body part split where I focus on one muscle group a day i.e. Chest day, Leg day, Back day etc...  Then I added all of my totals, chest, back, shoulders, legs, and arms to see how much total weight I moved in a week aka how much "work" I completed, after all you are working your muscles. 

We build muscle through hypertrophy or muscle failure BUT that happens repeatedly over time to various degrees of failure. After you look at it all the bodybuilders, powerlifters and yes even crossfiters the one thing they all have in common is their muscles got bigger and more dense over time due to lifting more weight over the years. Essentially year one they may have lifted X number of pounds of total weight, by year two they lifted X number of weight too but that adds to year one so they're total weight moved is year one and year two combined.  An individual who has lifted weight for two years will have more muscular development than having lifted the weight for one year given that the total weight lifted for two years combined is more than the weight lifted in a single year.

Now back to what I did:

 I looked at how much total weight I typically lifted per muscle group per week.  Of the big three - chest, back, legs, - chest was the one where I did the least volume which is normal as it is a smaller group. I used that as my baseline for a program I called Accumulated Failure.  

I designed the  Accumulated Failure program as a way to lift more in a typical work week while I'm working a job, and running the Johnny Kahuna® and Kahuna Strength™ brands.

*I'm on week 3 of #KahunaStrengthAF right now and after I complete week 4 I will have complete my notes and release program for free downloading.