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Social Media is Ugly


When first starting Johnny Kahuna and then Kahuna Strength I wanted it to be on ‘social media’ connecting with the people. It almost worked for a moment, after all it is how I found out about the amazing work kids like Jordan Ogden and Miranda Fuentes were doing with Surfers For Autism.  It’s also how I met a fellow Sober Surfer - Jonny Fryett and connected with his mates in England, connected with Keith Thrasher who led me to Mason Roland who I consider like a little brother and spirlalled out to Iron Spartan - Chris and his wife Amber,...

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10 Random questions with KahunaDrew

10 questions 10 random questions Blog KahunaDrew

One of the Kahunas sat down with KahunaDrew and asked 10 random questions:  Who is Johnny Kahuna? (laughs) Well that’s not so “random” is it? But that is a good question. Johnny Kahuna simply put is the anti-Tommy Bahama, he’s not a “hey I’m gonna sit around on my yacht and drink mai tai’s all day.” He’s a “Grab your boards fellas this yacht is taking us to the North Shore!”  Here’s a little more of a random question for you. What size shoe do you wear? 10 and a half.  What makes you tired? Boredom. No matter what you...

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