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10 Random questions with KahunaDrew

10 questions 10 random questions Blog KahunaDrew

One of the Kahunas sat down with KahunaDrew and asked 10 random questions: 

Who is Johnny Kahuna? (laughs) Well that’s not so “random” is it? But that is a good question. Johnny Kahuna simply put is the anti-Tommy Bahama, he’s not a “hey I’m gonna sit around on my yacht and drink mai tai’s all day.” He’s a “Grab your boards fellas this yacht is taking us to the North Shore!” 

Here’s a little more of a random question for you. What size shoe do you wear? 10 and a half. 

What makes you tired? Boredom. No matter what you have to keep moving, I mean sure there’s times when your tired and you need rest, but I mean the – just sitting around bored – that’ll kill you. Self motivation will keep you ahead in life. 

Who’s your favorite actor? Mmm well it use to be Brad Pitt. I really liked his style, yeah it’s still Pitt he’s just to easy to watch on screen you always want to pull for his character. 

I hear tell you hate cold weather? (laughs a little to loud) Yes! Anyone who’s been around me in cold weather will tell you that I don’t like cold weather. And really it’s more that I’m a big wuss when it comes to cold. I love hot tempertures and warm water! The cold makes me slow to move or not to want to move at all. I’m more of a “if it’s going to be cold, it better snow and we better have a sled”. 

Ok so not cold weather for you. So then do you like icecream? Ooh man, yeah I’m kinda lactose intolerant to an extent but I eat it anyway, especially gelato. I may or may not have on occasion eaten a pint of sea salt carmel gelato. 

I also heard you are a coffe fan. Well, I do like me some coffee. I don’t go out much for coffee but if I’m near a Starbucks I’m definitely making a pit stop for some good java. 

Here’s a tough one for you what is your favorite shirt? Ha! Well that is a toughy. I would say “All of the Johnny Kauna brand shirts” but it’s more about the blend of our shirts. The blend we use for our Premium Blend™ shirts are all just so freaking comfortable! But I would say the three I wear the most are my red Premim Surfer tee, the Superhero Tee and one of my Kahoodies. 

What phone do you have? Currently I have an iPhone 5s. I just upgraded from my 5c that I dropped and cracked to pieces and the 4s before that, that I also dropped and cracked. People always ask “what’s a Hitcase” because they see me post surf pics or ocean shots on GoFlow (surf check app) with my phone. But I didn’t use to use a regular case so when it was out of my Hitcase® and I dropped it my phones would splatter. Now I use a Lifeproof® as my daily and my Hitcase® as my action/gopro. Hopefully they’ll make something like a “Hitcase Daily” just because I think they could do something better than lifeproof or otterbox as a daily case.

Do you like dogs or cats? Dogs! I like cats too, but I seem to have a stronger connection to dogs.  



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