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10 Questions with KahunaGirl Abigail Remke

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Miranda Fuentes - Surfers For Autism volunteer and all around KahunaGirl

Longboard or short board? and Surfing or Skating?

Abby - Both, that way I can surf more! and Surfing

Jordan Ogden - the first KahunaGirl to help out with the brand via social media 

How did you get to be part of the brand? And if you could move anywhere in the world where would you go?

Abby - I entered the contest, and BOOM, I was the first sponsored KahunaGirl! I'd move to Fiji.

Logan Tory - the famous JK snowboarder always out getting amazing shots 

Who's your favorite band and what's your dream surf spot?

Abby -The Beach Boys and J'Bay!

Josh Green - The mini Johnny Kahuna look-a-like who often surfs with Abigail out at Innerlight Surf & Skate

What's your favorite type of wave?

Abby -Clean, 3ft, glassy, long, rights! (This KahunaGirl knows what she likes!)

Justin Cupo - JK skateboarder extraordinaire and skater with 180 Skate asks

Who's your favorite surfer? And have you ever night surfed?

Abby - Julian Wilson and I've never night surfed, unless surfing right after sunset counts.

Kalene Kennedy - famous "KahunaGirls Kombo" model and one of the first KahunaGirl winners

Have you ever broken a surfboard while surfing? And do you have anything special you do before and after you go surfing?

Abby - Nope, but I don't want to jinx myself! (or pull a Freddy lol), I just make sure I'm having the most fun!

Rachel Gillern - Kahuna Strength sponsored KahunaGirl and fan of the color purple 

Pacific or Atlantic Ocean? Which one is better? And When it comes to surfing, who is your biggest inspiration and/or the person you look up to the most?

Abby - Atlantic Ocean, because I'm an east coast girl! And Juliana Costa

Click on Abby's picture for more about her and how she came to be a KahunaGirl!

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