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10 Questions with Moto-Kahuna Stefan Finderup

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We had the Kahunas all message their fellow Kahuna and motocross rider Stefan Finderup.

Jordan Ogden - What's the best surf spot in New Zealand and what's your favorite thing to do besides surf?

Stefan - Fitzroy Beach in New Plymouth is the best and I love to race motocross!

Justin Cupo - Are New Zealand girls cuter than American girls? And would you rather surf in America or NZ?

Stefan - That's tough to say because the girls here cute but our KahunaGirls from the U.S. are very pretty too. And I probably prefer to surf New Zealand just because I'm not shredding the waves or getting barreled.

Kalene - When did you start surfing? Are you afraid of sharks?

Stefan - I only just got into surfing about a year and a half ago. As far as sharks go, if I was in a shark cage diving or under a controlled environment then no, but if I saw one following me then yes I would be scared. 

Miranda Fuentes - What was your scariest surf experience?

Stefan - I was catching the same wave as my sister and we got up on the board, but I bailed, then when I surfaced I saw the front of Taylor's board headed straight for me but I ducked under just in time.

Abigail Remke - If you could move anywhere, where would you move?

Stefan - probably Oceanside, southern California.

Josh Green - Where is your favorite place or dream place to go?

Stefan - Oceanside, because there are plenty of major motocross tracks like Carlsbad and Glen Helen.

 *editors note - Stefan seems pretty passionate about eventually moving to SoCal and we hope to see him do it!

Dirt, Moto, Kahuna!



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