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Big Arms Tri-set destruction.

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This is one of the best arm workouts I've ever added to a workout. Every time I found myself "stuck" or bored I would go back to this routine. It's simple but crazy effective. Simply add it to the end of your workout (not the start otherwise you want be able to grip anything.) You can do it up to 3 times a week. *A Tri-set is three exercises performed in a circuit and rested for 90 seconds after the third exercise is completed then repeated. Here's three variations:     all exercises performed for 5 rounds The original setup:...

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Johnny Kahuna and SFA Jax Beach

First we would all like to say a huge  "THANK YOU!" to everyone of you who purchased from the Johnny Kahuna® brand, your brand. You are all Kahunas! The 2014 year saw a lot of growth in the name of your Johnny Kahuna® brand and in it's KahunaGirls™ and Kahuna Strength™ divisions.  And because of your purchases we were able to go to a Surfers For Autism event at Jacksonville Beach, Florida where we met some of the most amazing kids!  While at SFA we also were able to meet up with some of the Kahunas we sponsor. Kahuna Strength...

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Kahuna Strength - Kahunas

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As the brand grows we want to be able to introduce you to some of the people we connect with and meet along this journey of Kahuna Strength - The Power of An Island!        Click on the pictures to find out more about the Kahunas. Professional Bodybuilding Photographer Kent Leckie he get us the shots and the big connections!   IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Luis "The Big 'Rican" Santa  and IFBB Pro Rose Brunner        And of course our Sponsored Kahuna Strength KahunaGirl Rachel Gillern! You can find her on her instagram and on the Kahuna...

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Mr. Olympia

big kahuna kahuna kahuna strength mr.olympia olympia

That's right Kahunas it's finally time for the 50th Mr. Olympia!  And it's going to be amazing brotha! Big names and bigger frames. Our friend and Kahuna, Kent Leckie with Kent Leckie Photography will be in the media pit at the Mr. Olympia and will be connecting with some of his old friends. Kent is a former Canadian Pro bodybuilder and you never know he may compete again one day but for now he's the man behind the lens capturing moments like these. He's also the Kahuna in charge of handing out the Kahuna Strength shirts to some of the...

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