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The Kahuna Strength Story

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The Kahuna Strength division of Johnny Kahuna came while I was working out. When I would get done working out I hated wearing what I had on, it was usually a old raggedy tee I had laying around and it was drenched in sweat and grime by the time I finished. So I started packing some of my Johnny Kahuna shirts to change into when I finished at the gym.

But I kept getting stopped and asked about my JK shirts. I would tell them about Johnny Kahuna and most of their responses were "ah man that's a sweet shirt but I don't surf" and I'd reply "well you're wearing a Hurley shirt, ha!" and they'd laugh too. But I went back home and said to myself "You know people in the gym have a passion, almost a extreme passion for what we do and it feels like a family. So I'm going to make my family some shirts from the same material my Johnny Kahuna brand is from so we can build a even deeper bond."

If Surfing and beach life is like a family, then lifting is like your crazy cousins, they may be crazy but you got to respect their passion and deep down you love them because their family and they'd do anything for you and you for them.

We make The Most Comfortable Shirt You'll Ever Own!