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Abigail Remke - KahunaGirl

Meet KahunaGirl Abigail Remke.

Abby is 12 and loves to surf!  She is junior surf coach with her local surf shop, Innerlight Surf and Skate!  She has been surfing for 4 years and competing at local and regional contests for 3 years, and she loves every minute she's in the water. She is also a cheerleader for her school!  Her favorite color is turquoise - just like the ocean!


Q.How did you come to know the Johnny Kahuna brand?

Abby:  I was on Instagram one day, and I saw that one of my friends had tagged Johnny Kahuna.  I started looking on their Instagram and website and liked the brand very much.  I saw that they were running a contest, and I entered it and became the first Sponsored KahunaGirl!

 Q.How did you become a sponsored KahunaGirl?

Abby:  I was in a contest to be the first sponsored girl!  I had to make a video!  I believed that my video was very good, and I guess Johnny Kahuna thought that too!


 Q.What do you like most about the brand?

Abby:  I love how everyone is so nice!  Their clothes are so cute and comfortable, too!


Q.What makes you a Kahuna?

Abby:  I love to be kind and help people!  When I'm helping people I have fun.  When I am happy, it makes people around me happy!  Many of my friends know how happy I am when I surf, so they have started surfing, too!  I have been helping as a junior surf coach at my local surf shop's surf camp and have loved spreading the joy of surfing!