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Jordan Ogden - KahunaGirl

Jordan was our very first online purchase and the first ever kahunagirl! Since then she has become a intregral part of the johnny kahuna brand. Most often you will find her posting or communicating with other kahunas on our @johnnykahuna instagram account.

Q.How did you come to know about the Johnny Kahuna brand?

Jordan:  Thankfully, my good friend Miranda, who is also a KahunaGirl, introduced me to the Johnny Kahuna brand. Through social media I immediately became totally involved and completely in love with this brand. 


Q.What is your favorite thing about Johnny Kahuna?

Jordan:  My favorite part about JK is how we all support watch other. Now that we have our sponsored athletes we've all become even closer and it's like everyone has their own little posse through Instagram and Twitter comments and replies. When you see someone that seems upset on Twitter there's usually a pretty uplifting Johnny kahuna reply coming soon after. When someone puts a picture on Instagram a comment from the brand usually ends up under the picture too. Like I said, we're a team, a family, were always here for each other!


 Q.What makes you a Kahuna?

Jordan:  A kahuna is a strong, courageous, outdoorsy, adventurous, person who has incredible character traits and just happens to be pretty rad on the side. A kahuna kid doesn't typically follow the crowd, we are the crowd here at Johnny Kahuna. We're a family. We're a team. Most of all, we all work together to spread rad love through an amazing brand!