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Josh Green - Kahuna

Meet Josh
He's 13 years old
Lives in Pensacola Florida
His sport is surfing
He is very competitive in contests in the panhandle and on the east coast
He rides for :Johnny Kahuna clothing, Cloudfire surfboards, and Innerlight surf shop

Q.How did you come to know the Johnny Kahuna brand?

Josh:  Matt Martin started getting into the brand and told me about the clothes and wax! He got me hooked on the brand and have loved it eversince!


Q.How did you become A sponsored kahuna?
Josh:  After getting to know the brand, they announced the sponsorship contest, I thought this was my chance! So we made a Video and submitted it and BOOM! I was the first kahuna!!!!
Q.What do you like most about the brand?
Josh:  I really love the clothes! They are so comfortable!! But most importantly I love the people involved! They are so kind and generous! Mr Andrew is one of the nicest guys I know!!
Q. What makes you a Kahuna?
Josh:  I'm a kahuna because of the love and passion for surfing that I have! I also love seeing people out in the line up and being able to talk to them and I also love Jesus Christ which is the biggest thing of all!!  I love sharing the stoke of surfing with others.