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Kalene Kennedy - KahunaGirl

Meet Kalene
Hi! My name is Kalene Kennedy. I'm 18 years old.
I was originally born in Orange County, California but currently live in south Florida! 2016 I will be graduating from Cooper City High School! I have been on a competitive swim team for seven years and have been on my high school swim team since freshman year, I was team captain sophomore year! I go hunting with my dad, and I also surf with him, he is almost like a bestfriend to me, you can say I'm a daddy's little girl! I also absolutely love to stretch, tumble and stay fit!


Question: how did you come to know the Johnny kahuna brand?

Kalene: I came around the Johnny Kahuna brand when I saw on my friends Instagram page where the JK brand had commented on her Instagram picture, then I followed the brand and got to know them a little bit more. 

Question: how did you became a sponsored KahunaGirl? 

Kalene: They posted a sponsorship contest on their Instagram page and so I set up my video and I sent in. KahunaDrew (Andrew) said he was impressed that I had set up the video by myself and spoke from my heart. Then I made it to the second part of the contest for sponsors that included questions like “what makes you a Kahuna?” I answered all the questions and I made my way through the top and became sponsored by this amazing surf brand!  

Question: what do you like most about this brand?

Kalene: the Johnny Kahuna brand isn't like most name brands. Johnny kahuna brand is very family friendly, fun, different, and it's a super trendy surf brand! 

Question: what makes you a KahunaGirl? 

Kalene: I believe what makes me a KahunaGirl is, I'm a very independent young lady, I'm active, and always bring good vibes to anyone I meet.