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Miranda Fuentes - KahunaGirl

Hey ! I'm Miranda Fuentes, a 17 year old dedicated volunteer for a non-profit organization called Surfers for Autism. I may not be a competitive surfer but I do enjoy hanging out on a surfboard catching some awesome waves with friends and cruising on my skateboard. I came to know the Johnny Kahuna brand from their Instagram page and seemed like a very friendly based brand to get to know. I became a sponsored KahunaGirl or a Kahuna team member of the brand by all of my dedication to volunteering and always repping and promoting the brand all through social media. What I like most about JK is how dedicated to helping others the brand is and supporting one another . What makes me a Kahuna girl is my free spirit with a bit of a sparky personality for the things I do and my love for the ocean. Like the JK motto have fun and SURF, SAND, KAHUNA !!! #WhatMakesYouAKahuna ???