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Rachel Gillern - Kahuna Strength KahunaGirl

Rachel “Girty” Gillern - 1st official sponsored Kahuna Strength athlete.

Hi! I’m originally from Boardman - Youngstown, Ohio. Currently I am living and loving the warm weather in Jacksonville, Florida.  

I’ve been active for as long as I can remember, when I was six years old my mother enrolled me in soccer. I continued to love and play the sport all the way through my college years. I also ran track and played on a competitive tennis league that combined with lifting weights was more than enough to help keep me in shape.  One day I finally decided that I wanted to compete in a fitness competition so I signed up for the Bikini division and placed 3rd in my first NGA bikini comp. the 2013 NGA Philly Natural and then 9th at my first NPC bikini comp. the 2013 Lehigh Valley Championships. I became hooked, and I kept at it. Now with several other competitions under my bikini belt I’m ready to move up and compete in the Figure Class in Spring 2015!

 Q.How did you come to know the Johnny Kahuna brand?
Rachel: I love sharing my passion for fitness on instagram and one day I saw another workout enthusiast on Instagram. The instagramer was KahunaDrew (Andrew) he had started a surfwear brand called Johnny Kahuna.  I really liked their unique and clean designs, so I ordered a few items, once I received them I became a fan for life. Next thing I knew the Johnny Kahuna brand started the Kahuna Strength division, and I fell even more in love with the brand. I ordered the “Jumbo KS logo” Tee and believe me when they said “The most comfortable shirt you’ll ever own” they meant it! Honestly the softest workout shirts EVER! and I mean EVER!.
 Q.How did you become the first sponsored Kahuna Strength athlete?
Rachel: As I shared before I like using instagram to share my passion for a active lifestyle and of course my Rocky ( my goofy sheppard/lab rescue pup that you can find glued to my side). Johnny Kahuna is big on building a brand like a family, and so I tagged my stuff #surfsandkahuna and #kahunagirls. Then one day I got a direct message from KahunaDrew. He said he was really impressed with my passion and overall outlook on life, friends and family. We spoke about the brand and later he asked if I would like to be a part of the brand and I said yes without a single hesitation.  
 Q. What do you like most about the brand?
Rachel: I love Johnny Kahuna and Kahuna Strength’s outreach to others. I love seeing them supporting youth and their involvement in the surfing community. An example of that was this past summer when I was fortunate enough to join the Johnny Kahuna gang and represent the Kahuna Strength division of the brand out at Surfers For Autism (SFA) in Jacksonville,FL at Jax Beach. There is just such a good feeling that you can’t describe when your involve with a company that understands the importance of giving back and helping others.
 Q. What makes you a Kahuna?
Rachel: What makes me a Kahuna? My belief in preserving and tenacity, I have set backs just like we all do but that doesn’t mean I’m going to quit trying to reach my goal. I continue to work towards it. Being a Kahuna isn’t just about strengthening yourself, it’s also about helping others be better and inspiring those to do more.