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Stefan Finderup - Kahuna

Stefan lives in Paraparaumu, New Zealand and is one of the coolest dudes you'll ever talk too. Here's what he had to say when we asked him about how he became a Kahuna with the Johnny Kahuna brand

Q. How did you come to know about the Johnny Kahuna brand?

Stefan - Well when you started following my sister ( Taylor ) on IG, she was like "omg a big surf brand is following me." 

*His sister Taylor Finderup is a KahunaGirl in our eyes, her advocacy to put a stop to shark finning is an inspiration. 

Q. What if your favorite thing about Johnny Kahuna?

Stefan - I really like that the JK brand as it is in touch with their fans.

Q. What makes you a Kahuna?

Stefan - what makes me a kahuna is that I really have that sense of loving any sport that I do ie. surfing, motocross, and rugby.

** Stefans entry into our sponsorship contest starts out with him speaking about what makes him a Kahuna - he did this without us ever asking him. He spoke of his passion to be a positive influence on others and share his passion for his sports.

He also has two awesome sisters - Taylor and Ivy Finderup.